About the Product

Miroflex may be used as a means of assistance so that the user will not have to look down on his hands or object while doing his work, and thereby avoiding neck- and shoulder problems.

Via a certain mirror system the user is able to look straight ahead and there see his working hands and objekt that in reality are down at the table right in front of his abdomen. This will decrease the load on the neck and shoulders.

Miroflex will be assembled on a tabletop and is sits on a two-parted gas-spring-extension arm. This will make the mirror construction weightless. The user is able to easily put the aid in desired height and position without any effort. It may also easily be moved out of the way when the user is not in need of the aid.

In order to enable optimal lighting on the working area, two fluorescent lamps assembled in the aid.

To assemble a Miroflex
To use a Miroflex the proper way

General information on Miroflex

The Miroflex is a patented technical aid that is invented by the company Miroflex in cooperation with AMS (= the swedish gov. work departement), HI (= the swedish institute for technical aids) and Hammarhälsan (= a health care company for employees) and RPT (= registred physical therapist) Patrik Borg.

The product Miroflex is developed in order to be used for rehab purpose, but also as a preventive measure. It may be used both in a working environment such as an industrial environment or at the office, but it may also be used in your home.

Miroflex is developed according to the EU requirements for “Technical aids” EN 12182:1999.

Miroflex is universally developed in order to be able to be used in different situations where you otherwise may have to look down.

Down below you will see a few examples of usages:
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Without Miroflex With Miroflex

In the industry.

When you work by the computer.

When you read or write.

When you are crafting.

When you work in the kitchen.